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About Newsletter Sent

If you're looking for modern html design for your company newsletter or email advertisement, you've found the right spot! Newsletter Sent is an evolving email advertising company providing original solutions for maximizing your business or brand exposure. A true direct marketing communications device, the direct mail newsletter is a powerful tool for customer retention, brand awareness, and new business development... and we are experts in newsletter design and distribution. Ready to build your email list and increase your customer count?

Managed Newsletters

Managed Newsletters

Email newsletters are a new and smart way to stay in on top of your current and future customers and can be a huge benefit for any business. The problem is, you are already busy enough with your day to day activities and don't have time to write content or articles, add images and compile your list of email addresses. You also don't have the time to check if each email was received or placed in a junk inbox folder.

Social Media Marketing

Use the interaction of social media to increase the visibility of your small business. When you go social you'll get the attention of a broad audience, and watch your new fans become loyal customers!

Creative Email Marketing

Creative Emails

Just tell us your objectives and we'll handle the rest! We cover the writing, editing, typesetting, layout, design, and photography. Newsletter Sent guarantees crisp writing, quality graphics, creative direction and punctual delivery. We will customize your HTML email advertisement with your logo, colors, and photos (optional).

Newsletter Benefits

Newsletter Benefits

Let us eliminate the headache and hassle of creating and producing your newsletter in-house. We can work with you to any degree you want, or work independently. We make sure your newsletter campaign is a seamless part of your current marketing efforts. And our online proofing and editing capabilities make it easy for you to monitor its progress and even make changes.